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31 Март 2015


 Март 31, 2015

It is well-known that the frame made of rebar is an important element of various types of buildings and construction objects. This frame compensates tensile stress. The frame made of rebar enhances quality specifications of concrete and helps to resist tensile stress.

Production Technology

Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is a comparatively new trend in the construction industry. Although the production technology was known as early as in the 60’s, the material has become popular only recently. This was due to the quality development of the chemical industry, which allowed to reduce the costs of development of materials. Non-metal bars of fiberglass soaked in thermosetting or thermoplastic polymer bonding agents are used for production of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar.

Where is Fibre-reinforced Plastic Rebar used?

This material is a good alternative to its metal counterpart. Fiberglass-reinforced plastic rebar has certain advantages. It is no coincidence that this material is used in construction of roads, bridges and other construction objects. And if in industrial engineering the use of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is natural, for low-height housing construction this is still a know-how. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is widely used for roads exposed to aggressive chemical agents and for bank reinforcement.

Advantages of Fibre-reinforced Plastic Rebar:

– High tenacity. Tensile strength of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is twice as high as of steel rebar. It does not bend, it is very elastic and magnetically inert. When exposed to magnetic fields, fibre-reinforced plastic rebar does not lose its properties. It is also resistant to low temperatures.
– Resistance to corrosion. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar does not rust, therefore when compared to metal, it is a more resistant and durable material.
– Acid-resistance. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is absolutely suitable for use in construction of objects in sea water.
– Safety. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is a dielectric material and does not conduct electric current. It virtually does not conduct heat and it is radiotransparent.
– Light weight. Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is much lighter than metal rebar.
– Fixed length.

Unlike with metal rebar, one can buy as much fibre-reinforced plastic rebar as needed for certain construction operations. It is only natural that the customers do not ignore all these advantages, they often prefer to buy fibre-reinforced plastic rebar rather than metal rebar.

Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar: making the right choice.

When selecting fibre-reinforced plastic rebar, one should follow certain rules. Firstly, buy the products only from manufacturers and their legal representatives. Secondly, do pay attention to the quality specifications of the bar. Thirdly, check, whether the spiral winding of roving is seamless and tight.

Placing an order with the “Yarcompozit” Fiber-reinforced Plastic Rebar Factory you can purchase quality fibre-reinforced plastic rebar at acceptable price. We guarantee high quality of our products and offer you a custom-tailored service.

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