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Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is a piece of fiberglass fibres tied together in a single bar. The fibres are tied together by synthetic tars that ensure endurance and resistance to any mechanical impact.  

What is fibre-reinforced plastic rebar made of?

  • Roving (reinforcing material), tying thread;
  • Epoxides;
  • Isomethyltetrahydrophthalic anhydride (IMTHPA);
  • Epoxide hardening agent.

Production of fiberglass-reinforced plastic rebar is a new business. The reason for that is that this material hasn’t been widely used until recently. Formerly only classic metal rebar was used during construction of buildings and other objects. But it is no coincidence that production and sales of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar reached such a high level, because this material has its specific advantages. It is highly tensile, it does not corrode, it’s resistant to sea water, it has good elastic properties, it is nonconductive, light, etc.

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Application guidelines:

  • Construction industry (concrete civil buildings and buildings designed for specific purposes);
  • Road construction (motorways, bridges, overpasses);
  • Ports;
  • Foundations of various complexity and concrete floor slabs;
  • Wastewater discharge constructions;
  • FRP rebar is used as wall ties for multilayer stone or brick walls;
  • Fittings for heat insulating material.

Production of fiberglass-reinforced plastic rebar: process.

The process of production of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar consists of the following main stages:

  1. Fiberglass fibres are soaked in polymer resin in a special reservoir.
  2. The resulting roving is placed in the forming bushing and the necessary diameter of rebar is formed.
  3. While the bar is still soft, it is drawn through the polymerization chamber.
  4. To create a finned surface spinning technology is used.
  5. The bar is left to dry and the relief-forming wire is removed.
  6. The bar is elongated and cut into shorter pieces.

Production of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is a hi-tech process. Therefore the product should be purchased from a reliable supplier. One of the leaders on this market is the “Yarcompozit” plant, which has proven to be most reliable. We offer you a wide range of composite products manufactured on hi-tech equipment in compliance with all known standards and regulations. Our products meet all European requirements. Equipment of the “Yarcompozit” plant produces rebar with diameter 4 to 24 mm. The type of reinforcing fibres can be customized. Production of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is completely automated, therefore technological effectiveness of the whole process is controlled by computer. We specialize in production of fiberglass-reinforced plastic rebar. Samples of products manufactured by the “Yarcompozit” plant are suitable for use in various fields: road construction, mining industry, construction industry, etc. We work with private real estate developers and with large companies all over Russia.

Advantages of the “Yarcompozit” plant:

  • We work directly with our customers;
  • Quick production;
  • Quality raw materials;
  • Flexible pricing.

If you place an order for production of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar with us, we guarantee you a custom-tailored service, good prices and high quality!

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