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The application domain of our rebar is related to high manufacturing characteristics of composite materials. Non-metal rebar is not only lighter, it is also very solid, therefore, the constructions built with the use of fibre-reinforced plastic rebar are more endurable (over 100 years without the loss of strength). Fibre-reinforced plastic rebar is not prone to corrosion, therefore it is recommended for use in structures that are prone to be exposed to acids and alkalis.


Our FRP rebar is perfect for the basic reinforcement of footings of buildings and constructions as well as for roadbeds where the cost advantage may reach over 40 % in case of replacement of equally efficient materials.

Application guidelines for FRP rebar

  • Building footings;
  • Reinforcement of floors of residential and industrial buildings;
  • Reinforcement of roadbeds, pathways;
  • Road slabs;
  • Water tanks, concrete reservoirs, including the reservoirs for chemical industry;
  • Repair of reinforced concrete structures and brick structures;
  • Bridgeworks, fences, etc.;
  • Onshore facilities and embedment.

Composite rebar can also be used in railway construction and as catenary masts. Further information about FRP rebar application.

How to order fibre-reinforced plastic rebar

Our company welcomes new partners. To place an order for fibre-reinforced plastic rebar or other materials, please, use our phone number in Yaroslavl: +7 (4852) 68-14-15, or send us an E-mail. It’s easy to reach us!