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Road Construction

Composite mesh is used to produce concrete bays for road topping with all metal rebar completely replaced with fibre-reinforced plastic rebar. It is also widely used to reinforce the asphalt-concrete surfacing of motorways. Composite mesh eliminates rutting, prevents surface destruction caused by various fractures and warrants the service life of a motorway.

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Composite mesh 8 -12 АСП is critical for construction of embankments on unstable bedding (swamp, soil with high humidity), for construction of lanes along the highways, temporary roads, for reinforcement of embankment slopes as well as banks along watercourses.

Industrial and civil construction

Composite mesh is used in concrete constructions of buildings and objects built for various purposes and operating with regular exposure to temperatures between +1000С and -700С. Such concrete constructions can be made of high-density concrete, fine grained or lightweight aggregate concrete, foamed or porous concrete, self-stressing concrete.

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The mesh is widely used to produce wall ties in sandwiched brickwork as well as to repair the surface of damaged reinforced concrete structures and brick constructions.